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Shan -- Tales of Transformation Otherwise it is like a Prayer of the Dragon An Inspector Shan Investigation set in Tibet Inspector Shan Tao Yun .
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The MASK Effect - Sixth Transformation

Karenni State. Storia succinta della missione birmana fino alla sua divisione.

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Per il Vicariato Orientale continuata dalle "Missioni Cattoliche". Pontificia S. Giuseppe, Cogliati. Une paire de chaussures dans une bibliographie, et cela pour une image de fillette Kayan. Hvorfor smiler Buddha?

Les Kayah, les Karenni, et les Yang Daeng

Rejse i det fjerne oesten. Why Buddha smiles. The hill tribes of Siam. Photographic book. More than photographs with captions. Second new and revised edition.

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Birmanie, sur la piste des seigneurs de la guerre. Burma 's Golden Triangle. On the trail of the opium warlords. The burden of beauty: Coiled brass neck rings of the Paduang girls of Burma. Hong Kong, Pacific Magazines Ltd. Un apostolo di due continenti; Vita di Mons. Eugenio Biffi, delle Missioni Estere di Milano. Un apostol de dos continentes.

Vida del Excelentisimo Sr. Eugenio Biffi de las Misiones Extranjeras de Milan. On a Karen inscription. Tokyo , The Hakubunsha, ill. Read on November 12th, , by Dr. Syle as "On an inscription of an ancient Karen plate". Karenni State, ill. Elementary hand-book of the Red-Karen language. Sources anciennes sur la langue kayah et les autres langues du Karenni.

Collection Karenni. On the Karen inscription-plate. Voir aussi la communication par Mr. Cross aux pages xi-xii. On a Karen inscription plate. Soo Thah. A tale of the making of the Karen nation. Flemming H. Revell Company. Sketches from the Karen hills.

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  • British policy towards the Red Karens: [ Letter of appointment [ Appendices I. The last of the Konbaung kings. Printing Office. The Karen rising in Burma : a review. Burma- Facts and Figures- Series No 3, Les chinois des troupes vagabondes du Kuo Min Tang y affrontent ensuite les forces officielles Burma, ; Kuomintang aggression against Burma.

    Reproduction faite au Myanmar par photocopie, sans modification du texte. Vendue par Myanmar Book Company.


    The Kayah State. Internal peace parleys. Facts about Burma. Ministry of Home and Religious Affairs. Immigration and Manpower Dept. Burma : Population Census. Kayah State, population census. Burma 's ceasefires: more trouble than they're worth? Voir aussi Myanmar s. A brief history of Kayah State. Historical records of Kayah State.

    Second volume, pp From the hands of the hills. Variations de texte. Il remplace Boon Chuey , The Red Karens. Karenni, la guerra dimenticata di una nazione assediata. La lutte d'un peuple en Birmanie. The forgotten war of a nation besieged. Impressionniste, vivant et rapide. Le titre existe aussi en allemand et en espagnol.

    Un article sur la force militaire Karenni, un des tout premier du genre. Les Chouans de Birmanie. Le dernier combat des Karen. Les cercueils de toile. Burma : the Karen and the Karenni tribe. Burma : the deliberate extermination of the Karenni tribe. March Refugees camp destroyed as part of ongoing persecution of ethnic minorities in Burma.

    News from Burma. Petition to oppose Japanese bilateral aid to Burma. Documentation on internally displaced persons in Karenni. The Karen bronze drums of Burma : The magic pond.


    David A. Dickey

    The Karen bronze drums of Burma : Types, iconography, manufacture and use. Studies in Asian Art and Archaeology, Selection of headmen among the Red Karens, Burma. Bibliotheca Indosinica.