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Uncertainty is negative, whereas doubt is positive. Uncertainty is a mental state in which full assent is lacking, whereas doubt is a mental process in which the truth of a belief is actively called into question.

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Doubt therefore has an aggressive quality that pure uncertainty does not. To doubt is actively to question the truth of a proposition.

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Doubt is spontaneous when it arises, unplanned and sometimes unwanted, in the normal course of our lives. For instance, Jill may doubt the fidelity of her husband, Jack, owing to the many telltale clues she has inadvertently run across.

On the contrary, prior to her accidental discoveries, she had never suspected him of anything. This is not the kind of doubt that characterizes philosophy.

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Of course, the philosopher is a human being who, like everyone else, will sometimes experience spontaneous doubt during the course of his lifeā€”but the doubt of the philosopher qua philosopher is methodic rather than spontaneous. In calling this doubt methodic , I mean that it is part of a systematic method used by the philosopher in his investigations.

Methodic doubt, in other words, in purposeful rather than spontaneous, systematic rather than incidental. I may be fully convinced that there exists a world external to my consciousness, yet I may subject this belief to methodic doubt nonetheless.

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In my case, the purpose of this inquiry would not be to attain a higher degree of certainty than I already have; rather, I might question the existence of an external world in order to determine whether this is a reasonable question in the first place, and, if it is not, why it is not. Or, like Descartes, I might apply methodic doubt to my commonsensical beliefs in order to identify the ultimate foundation of certainty. In any case, the philosopher will often apply methodic doubt to beliefs that would rarely, if ever, generate spontaneous doubt.

And this use of methodic doubt does not necessarily mean that the philosopher has any subjective doubts about belief that is being scrutinized. Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of "some doubts arose" Copy. Some doubt a ls o arose w h et her it could be argued at the [ Because of th i s some doubts m a y arise a b ou t which conduct [ These arguments al s o arose i n t he focal groups and interviews and seem to sum up the main arguments of those policemen who are "against" the project or who ha v e some " doubts " a bo ut it.

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  • T h i s arose t h e idea of working , i n some w a y, with it, to do something about. Attorney General would make such reports only in limited circumstances,. The Commissi on ' s doubts arose b e ca use France [ The first ground for i t s doubts arose f r om certain gaps [ The re b y doubts arose a s r egards the possible [ The fact that his boss insists that he decides instantly is not helping.

    Doubt and nervousness are both fears in the context of action: you have to do something but something may go wrong. However, not all cases of action involve decision: when you are studying for a difficult test you may feel nervous, but not in doubt. Nervousness, on the other hand, involves uncertainty about an outcome and a lack of control over the situation, which is not necessary to feel doubt.

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    For example, someone may doubt between doing either of two projects, and know exactly what the pros and cons of both are. Confusion and doubt are often mentioned together, and do often co-occur. You may feel confused about what is going on, and in doubt what you should do. But this already shows the difference between the two: confusion is about information, doubt is about decisions. When your inability to make a decision is caused by a lack or mismatch of information, you likely feel both doubt and confusion. However, you can also feel doubt without confusion when the possible choices are quite clear.

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